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If the revelations about CA's manipulation of the Brexit vote don't result in a second referendum

What would be the point? Further referendums just lead to further referendums. If its not 1 and done, then is it best of 3? First to 3? First to 10?

In the same way that a minority of Remainers haven't accepted the decision to leave, you'd get Leavers refusing to accept a potential decision to stay. Only the next time they win a referendum, the legislation will be structured to automatically trigger Brexit, thus avoiding any Gina Miller style grandstanding/fameseeking/whatever.

The only answer left that has any currency, is to leave on the best possible terms, and then if the rEU want to try to win us back, we can talk about any necessary reforms and changes of direction. Once they implement that, another referendum on rejoining would have democratic legitimacy.

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