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CTS who? AMD brushes off chipset security bugs with firmware patches

Dave K Silver badge

A lot of the people sticking up for AMD are doing so because these flaws have been blown out of all proportion, and have been disclosed in a manner designed to try and cause maximum financial damage to AMD. The whole point of researching flaws in software/hardware products should be to allow them to be fixed to improve security, not to try and make a quick buck by blowing them out of all proportion whilst crapping on the companies involved so you can short-sell their stock. Whatever your thoughts on the flaws, CTS's conduct regarding the disclosure of these flaws absolutely stinks.

Had the typical process been followed (flaws disclosed to AMD to give chance for patches to be developed first), these flaws may well have been easily patched long before public disclosure - in which case, no big deal at all. After all, pretty much all complex software and hardware systems will contain security flaws that are identified and mitigated over time.

They even went to the level of calling one of the flaws "RYZENFALL". Again, a deliberately inflammatory name designed to try and damage AMD's brand.

When a firm attempts to profit from security issues in this manner, they deserve all the stick they get.

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