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I think you're missing a few things here. Before I continue, let me make you aware that I also despise our continued inability as end users to disable/remove these amenities.

Intel Management Engine and AMD Platform Secure Processor are not just intentional spy tools funded by the NSA, MI6, Kremlin, and every other relevant international agency, but provide essential sysop facilities that let you easily control hosts of machines without access to the underlying operating system. As far as trying to mitigate attack vectors, I have never personally seen that claimed by Intel, although I don't know what AMD's stance on it is.

You sound a bit like a loon, even though I agree with you. If you want people to listen to you and want a proper discussion, you might try coming off more nice, and not posting so much. No one likes an angry conspiracy theorist.

Again, not defending ME/PSP, as I also want them gone, or at least open.

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