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No, I don't work for CTS. I'm a random bloke that hates the way AMD has made us all rental users of their poorly designed PSP software. I was a huge fan of the Opteron series back in the day, before AMD followed Intel down the dark closed path. Nowadays I try not to use x86 of any sort because both vendors have decided that we, the users, should not be trusted with full control of our computers.

Imagine a world were we could simply say "you know, that PSP is a risk. I'll just change the code to shut it down since I don't care about the DRM features it provides.". But no, AMD doesn't want that to be possible, and actively prevents it. That's my main point of contention with AMD.

This CTS thing has really brought the AMD fanbois out of the woodwork. Enjoy your rental CPUs, guys, I'm off the x86 train for good reason...

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