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@Nate, I agree with you for the most part. Although that somebody shorted AMD stock to coincide with the press release from CTS and issued a stock warning within an hour or so of the CTS press release is a little fishy.

More importantly, a lot of the errors are in AS Media chips, which have been customized for the Ryzen/Epyc family of processors, but CTS first found the flaws in discrete AS Media chips, which are used on Intel motherboards, as well as AMD non-Ryzen motherboards, the chips contain the same backdoors as those in the AS Media custom chipset for Ryzen, yet this part of the story seems to go under in the press.

It might or might not be an Intel hatchet job, I'd say probably not, but the bias by CTS and in the press towards it being an AMD problem and not a problem with AS Media in general is worrying.

Is there a problem with AMD chips? It certainly looks this way and AMD have confirmed the problems.

Is this purely an AMD problem? No, the major part of the story is backdoors in AS Media chips used on many non-Ryzen motherboards having a backdoor and AMD had AS Media incorporate the functionality of these chips in a custom chipset for them and AS Media also incorporated their existing backdoors into those chips.

Is it limiteed to AS Media? Looking at the CTS reports, they have found errors in Ryzen/Epyc beyond the AS Media issue, but they muddy the water.

So, why is everything concentrated on AMD? Surely AS Media should be the ones facing the majority of the flack? Surely they should be the ones having to issue firmware upgrades for Intel and AMD based mainboards containing AS Media chipsets?

Yet CTS and the press seem to make it sound like if AMD "get their act together" and patch Ryzen and Epyc mainboards, all those Intel and AMD non-Ryzen boards will also magically heal themselves... :-S

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