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I don't understand why people think this is a conspiracy by Intel to discredit AMD. Intel has no need to do such a thing. I like AMD(was a pretty hard core fan of Opteron 6xxx at the time, have several still in use), and I really don't care about these security issues with their chips I agree there are bigger fish to fry.

Intel isn't going to go down much at all by these security issues in their chips, nor is AMD. Why anyone would think otherwise I just don't understand.

Now that the "horse is out of the barn" on cpu security stuff I'm sure we will be seeing quite a bit more security issues in the future. I think Intel put out a big bug bounty for other such bugs but I swore I thought I read that it ends at the end of this year or something, which if so makes no sense to me.

And absolutely this AMD security thing was a poor attempt to manipulate the stock - so what ? They were up front about it saying they may have a financial interest in it. The attempt failed horribly, AMD's stock is about the same as it was at the beginning of the year, and Intel's stock is higher since November, started going up early last month (looking at yahoo finance I don't track stocks myself), long before this AMD stuff happened. I think I even read on the day of the big "announcement" against AMD their stock actually closed higher than the previous day.

Both the announcement of the security issues and the backlash from many folks is just so overblown.

Also anyone in a position to be talking to Intel directly about their processors is going to be a very big knowledgeable organization simply on scale alone. Such an organization would see right through any feeble attempt by Intel to point a finger at AMD on these issues to try to claim anything meaningful against them.

Also from a stock "manipulation" standpoint from what I read CTS did nothing illegal. There is no insider information. As someone wrote that I read recently if the law were to go after CTS it would be very bad in that it would send a sign - don't look too close at a company to find issues or you may go to jail. The law seems pretty clear, and the disclaimers are right there saying they had financial interests in the stock. Seems everything is above board assuming there wasn't insider activity (AMD employees giving CTS the flaws), which from what I have read is not the case.

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