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"Pray tell, just how do you persuade someone who is addicted that they should care ?"


When this news started to break, my first thoughts were about how surprised I'm not.

I later realised that I am surprised after all - not about the news itself, but that other people are surprised. People who I've repeatedly warned about feeding too much information to sites like Facebook, that apps they run on it (and on their phones etc) may be leeching that information, and what it could be used for.

I've since come to realise that I shouldn't be surprised about that, either, because those people have pretty much consistently ignored what I've said, or at most acknowledged it to humour me, but carried on regardless.

Instead, I feel I should be surprised that now this news has broken, people are reading about it, watching it on TV... and then carrying on as normal, presumably because they think it's only other people affected by it.

I'm sure I should be surprised about that - it's the one thing I should be surprised about in all of this.

But strangely, I'm not.

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