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I think you've nailed the point. So many users thinks it's just " the internet" and are barely, if at all, aware that they use a browser. To users the browser is no more than a frame round the outside of the Amazon page (or the office intranet). These are the same people that we've quoted here, so many times, who call us because "The email isn't working" ( BSOD) and call the thing with pictures "the computer" and the box that does the computing "the hard drive".

Hobbyhorse moment coming......

All those people who complained that ICT in schools was rubbish, because it just showed kids how to use WORD and they needed to be taught to code were far off the mark IMO. ICT needed to teach kids how computers worked, what they could do, how they did it (including how to use OFFICE/Windows/LINUX etc.) and what the implications are for how we live our lives. Actually writing code should be a small, but interesting, part. Knowing what happens to your data is far more essential.

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