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Censorship coming to a website near you?

I'm hearing this "something must be done" about the online world. I fear that the answers will lead to censorship and only the info, data, verbiage approved by "those who know better" will come out of this. The cherished concept of 'free speech" is being eroded by various lawmakers and governments pretty much world wide. Education has been dumbed down such that many people can't think for themselves and only parrot the government line.

Yes, I'm afraid where this will lead. Something should be done but I believe it's the dumbing down of education. Where are our thinkers? Our rational thinkers? Not in government? Not in the board rooms? Sadly, I don't see a quick fix for this and a long term solution probably won't happen once the spoon fed youngsters grow up and come to power.

I wish I could feel like there's a future for thought, discourse, and acton without the outside influences and censorship that seems to be on the lips of government types worldwide.

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