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I've never been to Britain, but everything I hear outside of the British MSM says: the majority voted for Brexit against overwhelming government and media pressure

It's quite clear you've never been to Britain if you think the overwhelming government and media pressure was against brexit. Our heavily biased print media, mostly owned by old rich tax exiles, was generally strongly pro-brexit (the Telegraph, Sun, Mail, Times, etc.). The state broadcaster, the BBC, was heavily biased towards the pro-brexit side of the spectrum, giving unequal air-time (and still doing so) to pro-brexit campaigners, for instance, heavily featuring NF alongside more mainstream participants in debates, with equal footing, despite him never having won a parliamentary election (7 tries and counting). The result in the end was marginal (51.8 to 48.2), but has repeatedly been misrepresented as an overwhelming majority...

The pro-brexit campaign was well organised (they'd been preparing for 30+ years), whilst the remain argument was critically weakened by being funnelled through the government. This led to many well funded groups independently campaigning to leave, and the people who wanted to remain, (the overwhelming attitude within science and industry, and amongst business leaders) being effectively stifled. Not to mention the fact that political parties other than the tories (who, apart from UKIP were all strongly remain) were being forced to use the tory party as their mouthpiece which is a clear conflict of interests.

Most of our media is so heavily biased in one direction or another, it is nigh on impossible to get an impartial viewpoint. Channel 4 is better than most, but is still biased towards sensationalism.

I could go on.

Your idea that the British are fed up with our government is pretty spot on. There may even be an element of truth to people being fed up with the EU, but mostly this consists of people being fed up with the distorted media representation of the EU which consists of outright lies (straight / curvy bananas, Turkey joining the EU, an EU army, enforced adoption of the Euro, etc. etc.) and blaming the EU for things that are actually the fault of the British government and opposed by the EU (such as agricultural subsidies not reaching farmers, increasing social inequality, increasing debt, erosion of human rights).

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