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It's almost a cliche at this point.

Not necessarily. It is true in 99.9% of the cases. This being one example.

There is a remaining 0.1% where these reverse because the scientist is looking for a green card or work visa and is waving around political conditions. It is the scientific version of the "mail order bride (*)". There is an example in the press every now and then - we cart them out when we need a "scientific backing" for our unsupported propaganda conjectures. This spiel also actively leverages the fact that we are accustomed to having reserved and grounded opinions from the remaining 99.9%.

Unfortunately, there is a the occasional bad apple in every avenue of life. Science is not by any means an exemption to it.

(*)I saw quite a few of those in the 90-es in the Eastern block. We still cart out some of these zombies when we need propaganda backing till this day.

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