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Don't say, I didn't warn you !!

Don't say, I didn't warn you about Windows 10!

Its CEO Satan Nutella is a plain evil actor. No ones wants "his" personal computer to be controlled by the evil overlord, invested with adware and malware - yet Windows 10 is exactly that, users lost full control, yet another Ads ridden DRM ladden appliance leaking private data to the slurping Redmond cloud. (and don't compare it with a cell phone, a PC/notebook is for real data, not for fun) Beside that, Windows 10 and Office2016/365 is beyond ugly, clearly designed by colour blind designers who never used Windows 95 and undid all the UI/UX achievements of the past 30 years. Well done outsourced underpaid south Asian workforce, as dictated by a clueless CEO. In 2001 then-CEO Steve Ballmer called Linux "cancer". We call Microsoft and its slurping sw cloud crap "cancer" nowadays.

Microsoft *was* not supposed to be an advertiser. Let's hope they get a new CEO that does a 180 degree u-turn, or we see more corps flocking to Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Tencent, et al.

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