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Information Commisioner statement on Facebook

I.e. , talking about it on the telly, not posting on it : "We should all be shocked and very concerned"

Right, maybe you should have dropped by places like The Register to see what IT people think of Facebook. Then you might not have been so shocked. You should have been concerned a lot earlier though - I'm guessing that's kind of your job. And you seem to have revealed that you are very, very unsuitable for the job to which you have been appointed. And all the politicians who went "Oooh Facebook have opened a big offce in London! Look everybody I know about the internet!" Don't try the "If only we knew then what we know now" excuse - plenty of people could have warned you before you hopped on the bandwagon trying to look "with it".

In further news right now (which admittedly may be ancient history in a very short period of time the way this seems to be developing) :

"Facebook shares ended trading 6.7% lower at $172.56, wiping almost $37bn off the social network's market value."

Beers all round, I feel.

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