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BOOM! Cambridge Analytica explodes following extraordinary TV expose

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Short Memory Syndrome

Scenario : Over-hyped over-priced IPO.

Problem : How to justify the price.

Solution : Monetise FB.

Q1 : How to monetise?

Q2 ; What assets does FB have?

A1 : Punters? Forget it. They are tight-fisted bastards who want to use a free service.

A2 : A-ha! Punters' data!!

Q3 : How to monetise user data?

A3 : Any and every which way you can.

Phew - Job done.

Chapter II - Cue media exposes.

Chapter III - Everybody acknowledges the Era of Zero Privacy* and moves on.

*Zuck mantra : E-Z-P-Z (using the American "zee")

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