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"Hard to say. It takes around 1 - 1.5 kWh of energy to refine a litre of petrol, but much of that comes from the raw crude. "

What do you mean by "much of that comes from the raw crude"? A study in the US by the Argonne National Laboratory measured 7.46kWh of electricity needed to refine a US gallon of gasoline. That amount of electricity would push a Chevy Bolt around 34 miles, give or take. A gallon of gasoline embodies about another 32 kWh(t) of energy (100% efficiency) of which an ICE uses about 17% (5.44kWh). That pushes the Bolt another 25 miles for a total of 59 miles. Yes, those numbers are optimistic, but it gives an idea of how efficient a petrol engine would have to be to approach the energy efficiency of an EV. A 300km trip is not a problem in a longer range EV. A 4000km trip is a coast to coast drive across the US. I would expect that you will want to visit the loo a few times a day and gobble down a few meals as well, so charging along the way may not be an issue depending on the route. Choose a hotel with charging and the car will be topped up each morning. It's entirely doable given a few assumptions and should get easier as time goes by and more/bigger DC fast chargers are installed.

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