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Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser

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If you are really getting annoyed with Windows 10, put the past behind you and actually give the Mac a fair chance (If the software you need can run on it). If Windows 10 is that bad pay the premium not to use it.

MacOS is actually awesome to use once you get use to it, with my only gripe being the file manager could do with a major overall.

Only way Microsoft will listen is if you hit them where it hurts, them losing usage share. I use to be an Apple hater but i really do find MacOS a better product to use than Windows now, and the trackpads on these Macbooks are beyond awesome. just wish i had given them chance earlier.

Up to 16 Virtual desktops, high DPI scaling that works, apps remembering which monitor they were open on when i plug my external display in, very little nag, a control panel that makes sense, texting and calling of my Mac integrated with my iPhone, and the gestures on the trackpad to name but a few things i really like.

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