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Luiz Abdala

I hated recording...

My old man used to live near a FM radio broadcast antenna. Very near.

Under it. Neighbor to it.

You turned the LP player on: you could hear the radio.

You turned the tape deck on: you could hear the radio.

You turned the amp on: you could hear the radio.

You turned the shelf speaker for the PC on: you could hear the radio.

You stretched a piece of copper and bit it with your dental fillings: you could hear the radio.

So you couldn't record anything. At all. Unless you wanted some random song or the evening news playing in the background, no you couldn't.

One day, he bought a stereo system that would PURPOSELY speed up the LP, and speed up the cassete tape recorder at the same rate. You could take 23 minutes to copy 45 m. worth of music.... with the freaking radio songs played at half speed, off-tune, in the background. It was haunting to hear some tunes at half speed.

I don't miss the experience of trying to filter a FM broadcaster out, that was violating every single local FCC rule.

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