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Office junior had one job: Tearing perforated bits off tractor-feed dot matrix printer paper

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Ah, the olden days

I can still recall having to decollate 6 part paper...the piles left and the rolled up carbon paper mess.

Bursting forms was another treat. I still have the scar on the back of one hand pulled into the machine.

We later one one of those fancy pants IBM guillotine "bursters" that had to have a special card programmed for each form size. Seems i recall that machine died when someone spilled a coke down into its innards. Those were the days we had to do alpha-numeric sorts on 30-40 cases of cards since the "mainframe" couldn't handle that much data (and IBM sort sucked). Cards, as you will recall, were packaged 2000 to a box and 10,000 to a case. The IBM printers all used carriage tapes and i can't recall how many of those i made up over the years. The one place I was employed even had their own ribbon re-inking machine.

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