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Printer memories

My first IT job was in a company where no two printers were the same, and there were loads of them.

Big IBM band printer, big matrix printer on a stand, several unnecessarily massive Epson letter quality printers (24 pin if I recall). All needing different media and stationary.

The big band printer was actually the easiest to manage, and was relatively straightforward to change the ribbon and paper, even when accounts wanted cheques, and other multi-part prints.

Piles of music ruled paper everywhere.

Until we had to change the band... PITFA fiddly, and the old band was like a razor.

Each one of the others would simply have its own Rubik designed openings and levers to wrangle to get ribbons/media changed. I am sure the sons and daughters of the printer designers went on to develop transformer toys that are almost un-guessable in their combinations of manipulations...

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