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I live in Cali-fornicate-you and laugh at every one of these 'Super-cali' meme titles.

The gummint here REALLY IS that freaking stupid. I think Jerry Brown lost his marbles back in the 70's, when he did 'EST'. And he's been on tv ADMITTING how he's lied his ass off every time he runs for office. And now that he's truly term-limited out, he's finally showing who he REALLY is.

And the really really stupid thing is all of the people voting FOR those idiot politicians in one of THE most corrupt legislatures in the world, where paid lobbyists openly occupy the legislature floor, and are consulted on EVERY legislative move, constantly whining or more money, and doing an end-around to increase taxes and fees [like on gasoline and car registration, recently] at EVERY possible turn, "for the children".

icon, because, the Cali-fornicate-you gummint is one of the WORST with the "for the children" meme.

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