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I'd quite like a dog called Kat

We've had one.. (actually, official name was "Katie" - so named by my mother. When we queried as to why here response was "so that I know two bitches called Katie", Which somewhat stunned us since my mum is very much someone who doesn't use rude language in any way..)

She was a lovely brindle Boxer dog. Untill we realised how badly overbred (hip dysplasia, tongue-tied and a few other things) she was. She needed medication for the rest of her life (she died at about 12 years old - considering our previous boxers had exceeded that comfortably you can see how genetically damaged she was. Put me off having another pure-breed[1] dog.)

[1] Ignoring the Dachsund - she was a rescue that we inherited when my wifes mother died. The Dachshunds long life (18 years) I put down to the fact that she didn't have to expend any energy supporting a capable brain.

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