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Well according to the air fleets database :-

869 out of 3132 737s (original and classic) are still active i.e. not scrapped, stored or written off.

and for the 737 NG, 6556 out of 6787 are active.

That gives a total of 7425 out of 9919, this I know is not 10,000 but I suspect that the difference is accounted for by frames that have come off the assembly line but are not yet registered and flying.

For the A320 you have to take the entire 320 family:-

A318 - 58 out of 80

A319 - 1366 out of 1469

A320 - 4241 out of 4835

A321 - 1554 out of 1657

This gives a total of 7219 active aircraft - so although the 737 is ahead its only by a very short nose.

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