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Ok, my previous comment may have sounded like unfounded hate for the platform ... but that wasn't the case in the beginning. Remember HPCs? Those sounded awesome, and that was what Windows CE was made for. I even owned an HP Jornada at some point, which was pretty good for its time. I was more of a Palm guy myself, but those ceased to be good when they went WinMo. The HP Jornada, however, never ceased to be good.

I actually think that the downturn came around the time they decided to morph Windows CE into Windows Mobile. From there they started doing weird things with the platform, then decided to kill it and create Windows Phone ... and everything from there was just pure crap.

I had quite a number of friends using Windows Mobile phones, mostly latecomers to Palm and a couple of pre-Android Samsung handsets. I only got to see a single person using a Windows Phone handset, and he hated its guts.

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