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Thankfully the Norman French influence on English didn't land us with "quatre-vingt

I think it was the Celtic influence in French, as Welsh still uses vingtesimal notation - deugain (2 twenties), trigain (3 20s) etc, but it goes a wonderful step further - 15 is pymtheg, (5-10), 16 is un ar bymtheg (1 on 5-10), 17 is 2 on 5-10 and, most glorious of all, 18 is deunaw = 2x9, 19 is 4 on 5-10 (pedwar ar bymtheg) and so 99 can be pedwar ar bymtheg a phedwar hugain (4 on 5-10 and 4 twenties) or sometimes just cant namyn un (100 less 1)

Scots Gaelic also uses 20-base, and Breton manages a variation on the welsh 18=2x9, they use triwec'h, literally 3x6

Wonderful languages.

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