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Fun fact of the day: Voice recognition tech is naturally sexist

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" I feel frustrated most ASR systems fail terribly with Indian accents"

Odd, as with so much IT stuff outsourced to India it should not be hard to get plenty of training data...

Or, they could just ring about any customer service helpline in the UK (or wait to get "you have a problem with your computer" scam phone calls)

I remember many years ago (before ubiquity of Eastenders had increased London accent exposure to non Londoners) having to translate between a Cockney and a North Scotland person, both had quite strong "local" accents. They could not understand each other, I was from a location between the 2 & could understand both accents so conversations were conducted via me (they could also, fortunately, both understand my accent). So if humans struggle to understand "native speakers" a few hundred miles different to them, no surprise AI has issues

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