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It's Pi day: Care to stuff a brand new Raspberry one in your wallet?

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Can I just float this idea & see what the rest of the commentards make of it.

The existing Pi layout sprouts connectors in all sorts of directions which is fine for a bench-top gadget.

Trying to incorporate this in some sort of integrated device, say the PiTop or the NextCloud box the arrangement is really sub-optimal. In the PiTop, for instance, the need to get an internal connection for the keyboard plugged into the Pi means that the board is set far back into the case making the connectors awkward to access from the outside and the keyboard lead blocks the headphone socket.

Can I suggest an alternative layout for system builders?

HDMI, headphones, network and at least two USB sockets all line up on one edge which could then be made accessible to the outside of the box.

At least one USB would be on another edge for internal user - keyboard and/or storage.

The power connector would also be internal on the assumption that such a device would have its own internal powere (e.g. Pi batteries) or some sort of internal power distribution so that storage doesn't have to draw from the board.

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