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Of course that's also part of my anger with Microsoft - on top of Ribbon, advertising/data collection, Win 8.x, hiding and splitting up control panel items, default actual folders for user data placed in virtual folders then buried in with system folders in "Documents and Setting" as if these were compatible items, the Win10 version of a Start menu and omitting Publisher from Home and Student versions of Office, (like home users don't need to make greeting cards and posters etc). That they created this mobile platform with much fanfare, made it nice to use with plenty of useful features then instead of improving it over time they seem to have vandalised it. The early version of Windows Mobile had network support, which was very useful, so they removed it. The later versions of WinPhone were in a world where people wanted "apps" so they went out of their way to discourage producers instead of making sure they could provide them. They bought Nokia's phone line then priced it so that there were horrible cheap versions and expensive overpriced versions, but nothing in between until it was too late. Dammit, when they have a good product they seem determined to f*ck it up. And when they have a crap product they seem determined to force it on everybody.

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