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Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that. 12 hours before is the same as 12 hours after. There must be a difference though? What about when it's combined with a date?

12 hours before midday on this given date... the date part applies to the meridian, surely?

So does 12pm on 12th October mean midnight as 12th October becomes 13th October, midnight as 11th October becomes 12th October, or midday on 12th October? And what about 12am on 12th October? There's no official definition of that, is there? I mean, there will be implementations of translations, but it's not mentioned in RFC3339 - they only use the word 'noon' once in the whole document!

00:00 12th October is unambiguously equivalent to 24:00 on 11th October.

If you can't use zeroes, the whole thing goes to pot!

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