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...If their prices were closer to competitive then impatience may have won out more often...

It seems you're onto something, although we hate to say it...

We might add that buying off the web is fast returning to the wild west it once was in the not too distant past. Others have said here how there is more security/back-up on the likes of eBay, Amazon et al but that's not been our experience lately.

In recent times our dealings have left more than a sour taste in the mouth. There are too many dodgy sellers with the platforms in question 'enforcing' obfuscated/erroneous returns procedures seemingly designed to stall for maximum time wastage when it comes to what otherwise should be straightforward returns.

We were starting to come round again to the thought of perhaps returning to the high street, even if it meant paying a slight premium. Maplin (amongst others) could have tapped into this sooner perhaps and thus saved their sorry fate; although in fairness they - like many others - are probably another victim to the seriously high costs of doing business in bricks and mortar.

It's a shame because we liked Maplin.

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