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It's Pi day: Care to stuff a brand new Raspberry one in your wallet?

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Anonymous Coward

I use a 2-slot USB HDD enclosure hooked up to an RPI-3 to feed the two RPIs running Kodi on my TVs via Samba/NFS. Works like a charm. I also use Deluged on it to download torrents directly to the HDDs. Public domain media only, of course.

[note: I fried the video chip on an RPI-3 when I incorrectly fitted a fan and shorted something. It still works fine as a headless box though, which is why its my little black box o'bits]

Might use this to get one of the previous 3s which will inevitably end up on ebay to upgrade the RPi-2 Kodi box upstairs.

Anon, obvs.

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