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It's Pi day: Care to stuff a brand new Raspberry one in your wallet?

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I'll wait this time, the last model was incredibly unreliable.

The problem with the previous model was:

Тhe team expects that this limit is unlikely to be reached by the majority of users.

I did some extensive experimentation with the previous variant. There was no way to keep it from overheating using passive cooling if the loadavg was > 50%. Pi does not give you proper access to the cpu freq subsystem as on other Arm and most Intel/AMD CPUs. It only has medium or large :) If you are in the large territory, even with one of the stock heatsinks, it will barf sooner or later. You either need a HUGE heatsink or the f-word (fan). Downclocking does not help unless you downclock it all the way to 600 which defeats the purpose of havinga 1200MHz CPU in the first place.

It will be interesting to see if this one is an improvement, but based on my experience with the previous one it has to thermal throttle under 800.

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