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I have several big boxes full of Microsoft's great peripherals. Superb joysticks and SideWinder gamepads that no longer work, because they need a game port. The excellent 'Dove Bar' mouse. The early IntelliMouse, before they over-complicated and downgraded it.

I still use the Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard - the best keyboard ever made for touch-typing, by light years. Unfortunately, they do wear out, and each one I've bought over the years has tended to have more flaws than the last. Last time round, I got one with a flaky 'M' key... so every word I typed with an M in it was likely to be misspelled.

I guess MS mice are still not bad. However, these days I find 'gaming' mice (especially those from Razer) to be far more precise and pleasant to use over the long haul. In this, as in so many other categories, Microsoft has happily ceded the leading-edge position.

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