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Windows Mixed Reality: Windows Mobile deja vu?


AR is a great concept, but the current postage-stamp-sized AR field of view is far too limited. AR objects tend to appear and disappear as you look around, which is extremely disconcerting. This level of technology is fantastic for certain technical applications, but not exactly fun to use.

Unfortunately, delivering an AR display that fills the human field of view, let alone our peripheral vision, seems to be an intractable optics problem, not readily solved by throwing more silicon at it. I believe there is some promising work being done, but I've seen no word of any recent breakthrough. For now, the kind of technology people think of when they say 'AR' remains exclusively in the province of science fiction.

By the way, Epson has had an Android-driven product, near-identical to HoloLens, for quite a few years. So zero points to Microsoft for reinventing yet another wheel. (And then making it needlessly exclusive to Windows 10.)

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