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Mixed-up terminology has become a Microsoft specialty. I asked a top holography researcher how he felt about Microsoft's appropriation of the term. He turned red and muttered "Don't ask!" And now, running literally years behind in Virtual Reality, Microsoft's response is to cook up yet another vague yet meaningless term.

Not a good omen. Inventing needless new lingo is usually a symptom of having one's head up one's corporate posterior. (Does anyone remember IBM's 'planar board,' 'pel' and 'fixed disk'?)

Also, a funny thing about Microsoft's 'mixed reality' headsets: they're not very good. (I've tried both the Acer and HP versions.) The vaunted 'inside out' tracking is about as accurate as you'd expect - i.e. equivalent to wearing a Kinect on your head. And hence nowhere near as precise as the laser-guided Vive or Rift.

Far from offering some superior 'mixed' experience, Microsoft-based headsets turn out to be no more than what they appear: a cheaper and cheezier alternative to the top-tier VR brands, that only works with Windows 10, and has only as much software support as it can borrow from Valve's generously open marketplace.

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