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On the positive side...

"Redmond could be facing another Windows Mobile moment."

Well, as long as they're not charging $100,- solely for the right to develop stuff for the machine you just bought then they might be ok on that front. Because I think that's one of the major reasons mobile took a dive. I bought Windows Mobile, I installed the SDK and I couldn't even mess with my own phone because Microsoft wanted even more money. $100,- to use my own phone for development. On a platform which had yet to proof itself.

And the ironic part was that if I had chosen Android then I could just have unlocked my phone manually and dumped whatever code I wanted onto it to get stuff done. But I pick Microsoft because I enjoy Windows, I install the SDK because I want to dive into the platform and I get 'fined' $100 because of that. Gee... I really wonder how that concept could have failed so hard...

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