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Windows Mixed Reality: Windows Mobile deja vu?

Dave 126 Silver badge

Well, at least it's sold more than sold more than Magic Leap!

Maybe it's the confusing message than hasn't helped - its taken me five minutes online to work out what MS mean by Mixed Reality. Seems a reasonable concept - using Kinect-like room mapping to track the VR headset with added bonus the real life coffee tables can be virtually rendered so you don't walk into them. Perhaps 'VR Plus' might have been a better tag for MS to use.

I haven't followed the VR market very closely, though because of my CAD background - the traditional testing ground if strange niche visualisation tech - the Hololens intrigues me in a MK I proof of concept kind of way. For the same reason I'm interested in Qualcomm's real time active IR 3D scanning and Apple's custom silicon - get the feeling the latter are keeping something under their hat in readiness for a big push into consumer/retail space, cos they seem to have gone to a lot of effort just for a face animated poo emoji.

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