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Can't fault their record keeping

Sometime about 1983 or so, I was hanging about downtown with a group of mates when we were approached by a group of attractive, chesty young ladies.

We did what any young man would do and followed them to their office, where the scam was soon revealed. Disappointment ensued, but we had learned a lesson.

Curiously, last year, (34 year later maybe?) an envelope arrived at my house containing a brochure on time keeping and two letters written in Chinese on Scientology letterhead which raised a couple of questions.

First of all, my surname might be construed as Chinese, but isn't. I asked a Chinese colleague if he could tell me what the letters said, but he seemed to think they were either written by a small child or someone who was learning Chinese.

Second question: 34 years later I have moved house lots of times, how did they track me down? Also, why?


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