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Tim Berners-Lee says regulation of the web may be needed

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> "Put somebody who doesn't understand tech in charge of it."

> Like Tim Berners Lee?

Hahahahaha. That comment made it worth reading El Reg today (and I didn't even notice who wrote it.)

Seriously: who the hell made Tim the Pope of the Internet? "Invent" an ambiguous ad-hoc subset of SGML, write a simple viewer and TCP server which just sees "GET /dir/file.html" and sends that file, use "protocol :// computer name /dir/ file.html" as a stable human-readable linking scheme. The fact that it caught on and spread like wildfire just proves that idiocy is contagious.

Corporate monopolies and naughty users, who could have predicted the web would turn out this way? Compuserve, Prodigy, AOL, Usenet, and BBSes were nothing like that! Google was "not evil" even after its 2005 IPO. Twitter and Facebook gave billions of oppressed peoples a voice! It was all sunshine and rainbows until the last two years!

Nevertheless, Tim's right to pile on the "web monopolies must be regulated" bandwagon. Companies who've engaged in mass surveillance, censorship, and election rigging in collusion with the unelected "deep state" are in no position to cry government censorship. Either way the web gets smothered to death, and that's fine; it was always crap. And people will always find places to speak freely, even if much of that speech is cringeworthy and "problematic".

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