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> The main road through Slough[1] had, at one point (and my do still) had linked traffic lights that were supposed to enable traffic at 30mph to pass though all of them at green.

The newish "Northern Orbital" road in Swindon had that, so, at first, a lump of traffic would go all along it's length at 40mph, through about 9 sets of lights that spurred off into the new residential roads which also had the "if something approaches from the side, find a suitable time soon to allow it to join the carriageway by changing the lights".

Then they broke, and it would cost a fortune to repair them, so they are now left so that traffic joining from the side effectively triggers a gap in the main traffic, which then triggers the next lights to change for the traffic joining there - leading to stop-start all the way up the road for the main traffic. Unless you went at 60 in a 40mph zone.

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