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More like, if CERN discovers as predicted that antimatter generates weak negative gravity (ie around -3%) and entangled antimatter more so, its possible that the drive I've invented could work.

If nothing else it should work better than an ion drive even if it needs a small nuclear reactor optimized for 66MeV with spiral rotating "buckets" of specially shaped magnesium-25 enriched sheets to produce sodium-22 or maybe even a fusor with a pyrolytic graphite inner grid and heavy metal target to take advantage of induced fission and dispose of surplus weapons-grade materials.

Intriguingly even if it works less well than expected the resulting stable neon can be used as fuel for a conventional ion drive or M2P2 hybrid.


To get this into orbit would cause some issues but a possible shortcut has been examined, ie use a hybrid lift engine based on large permanent magnets rotating around contra-rotating disks on a high conductivity landing pad to get it airborne assisted with a central turbofan and then engage the primary drive and rockets at around 25-50 feet once everything is stable, diverting power from the stored kinetic energy in the disks for added stability. This also overcomes any problems with EMI to ground based control systems.

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