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I can hardly wait!

S Mode? Exciting! I've really been loving the sophisticated surveillance feature that foils any and all attempts to block it! I can appreciate that this feature is thorough and complete for our benefit! And man, that half-finished System Settings is looking so sleek and concise! I never knew I could enjoy using it to launch Control Panel tools for non-trivial stuff! I'm definitely looking forward to saving battery power and limiting myself to almost no useful software, or alternative versions of software made by people/companies that I've never even heard of! Thanks Microsoft! I'm sure we'll all hate not being able to install Chrome the right way... But let's try to be optimistic! Installing Chrome in S mode will be an interesting and fun puzzle right? We can all look forward to that! And hey, we'll magically save battery power somehow! So it's totally worth it.

That battery power feature though... When switching off S mode, does it run infinite loops on all the processors to ensure poorer battery life or something? Or does S mode make the PC run in an identical fashion as the train wreck that is my Windows 10 phone? I don't see why S mode should provide power benefits otherwise.

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