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It is possible in Win 8.1 for sure, since that is the configuration mine is in right now. The last time I ran Windows 10 (Pro), it also had the store removed forcibly, along with all the other apps... whether it is still possible now is not known to me. I gave up on Windows 10 right after I succeeded in ripping all the apps out and discovering that it still ran just fine... you'd think that right after such a victory I would have been enthused to keep my "fixed" Windows, but it had the opposite effect upon me. I thought about how much intentional damage I had to inflict upon my own system just to get it to somewhat match what I expect from an OS... from that point forward, any little glitch in any bit of software would immediately make me wonder if it was because I ripped out so much stuff. There would be no way to test it but to put that stuff back in, and how would you ever do that, once non-removable things have been subjected to acts of extreme violence?

Even if that was never an issue, how would I possibly know that my precariously balanced house of cards would continue to stand when the changes are coming fast and furious? It became evident that one of a few things would happen... the least likely of which by far being the only acceptable outcome, that my modifications would hold and the system would remain stable and usable.

That's when I ditched Windows 10, which until then was only on a test PC so that I could keep an eye on it and deploy it more broadly once I was convinced that it was worth having. It was now clear that this was exceedingly unlikely. When the story is over, close the book, said the wise Chinese man in one of those Herbie (sans LiLo, from the 60s or 70s) movies. I repurposed my Windows 10 machine's SSD as a Linux Mint boot device for my main PC, which had been until then primarily a Windows machine with its own SSD.

The migration is going well, with me spending nearly all my time in Linux, with the excursions into Windows becoming less common. Nearly everything I HAD to have Windows for is now set up in a Windows VM. Mentally, I now think of my PCs as Linux machines with Windows as a secondary OS, not the reverse. Eventually, the plan is to just have them be Linux machines, with Windows caged in its VM, but otherwise not part of the equation. I won't... I can't turn back... all I have to do is consider the state of Windows 10 and my resolve is restored.

I've been a Windows user for more than 25 years, but Windows 10 was the bridge too far.

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