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No. This is not funny.

People are sentenced to prison for crimes. Extrajudicial punishment should never be part of that. The idea that somehow the psychopaths and sociopaths in prison should be allowed to take it out on prisoners who some people think deserve worse treatment than the system provides should be deeply offensive to anyone who believes in democracy.

Shkreli seems to be a sociopath, possibly with psychopathic tendencies. There is obviously something missing in his brain. He simply does not see any reason not to do something which might benefit him personally, no matter who it hurts.

But he was only able to do that because other people let him. The solution to Shkreli is not to abuse him in prison; that will solve nothing. The solution is perhaps to identify people with those personality traits and keep them away from jobs which they can leverage to obtain power over others.

But that's hard work, and people like simple solutions. Simple solutions which, looking at human history, have never really worked. For instance, getting rid of Nero did not exactly give Rome a period of enlightened government.

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