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Re: Spoof traffic entering the Intelligent Traffic Signal System

All data comes from somewhere and any somewhere can be hacked or replaced to provide false data

Exactly. In fact I don't see any need to "hack" the I-SIG transmitter in a car (and then go through the trouble of "parking it nearby", per the article). Just use SDR and a small embedded system, and you can hide your fake-I-SIG transmitter pretty much anywhere. Have it broadcast only at random times, and it'll be that much harder to locate.

The same would be true if the sensors were mounted on fixed infrastructure rather than on the vehicles.

If you want a stronger guarantee of the provenance of your data, you have to use mechanisms that give you such a guarantee. Moving the sensors from vehicles to infrastructure is not one of them.

This really has very little to do with connected vehicles, other than that the DoT lumped it into their CV pilot program.

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