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Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'

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My vote is for S=Shackled. This has (duh: of course) absolutely nothing to do with what benefits users: it's yet another sneaky boil-the-frog-slowly step toward snaring users as tightly as possible, taking away options that don't benefit Microsoft, restricting their choices to use any non-MS stuff, stealing their personal data and gradually manouevering the relatively clueless majority into a position where they are merely wallets to be mined, consumers to be told what to buy, faceless, powerless victims whose lives can be sold at 10¢/lb to government without so much as a warrant.

MS are no more evil than Google, but no less, either: they are driven by blind greed, which is how the modern liberal globalised capitalist corporation is more or less compelled to work in the absence of government regulation enforcing healthy social balance. If your first duty is to shareholders, and your first instinct is to fill your pockets, no other course would be logical. This is the perfectly predictable (and widely predicted) outcome of a "democratic" system which has slowly but steadily been metabolised by corporate avarice. taking advantage of the greed, cowardice and hypocrisy of politicians. It will continue all the while your "elected/gerrymandered representatives" are bought and paid for, right down to their shoeleather, by business.

So I'm not sure there's much point debating here about Windows' merits, because the mental lardasses, aka victims, who will continue to use it (a) are not listening, (b) wouldn't understand the importance of the issues even if they were.

Sad as the prospect is ... just save yourselves. Value your privacy and dignity and human rights, and thank your brains for your rare ability to preserve these from the Forces of Darkness. You won't be installing surveillance microphones in your house; you won't be moving to W10 when W7 support expires; you'll continue to block/ignore the unspeakably crummy ads hurled at you by websites; you do know enough to install and use *ix, and/or deploy some Apple if you can afford it; you won't be clicking foolishly on dangerous websites; you know what encryption is and how to use it; and you probably can tell the difference between Fake and News. Welcome to a new elite: sadder, wiser. Enjoy the feeling before they come for you next.

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