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desparately to build a USB drive with the latest UEFI version

I spent some considerable time recently trying to install Windows 7 on an old 17" MAcbook Pro I had lying around (my wife wanted a laptop to do Excel-type stuff on but simultaneously didn't want to spend actual money on one..).

Even wiping *everything* on both internal drives and booting from a clean USB or CD install didn't do it. Which is bizarre because (on that self-same Macbook Pro) I used to dual-boot into Windows 7 quite happily.

So, either there's been a EFI update applied to the MBP that borks the boot process or the latest incarnation of Windows 7 won't work at all on a 2011 MBP.

Or, knowing my luck, both. Need to find my *old* W7 boot CD. Trouble is, it was done on a cheap CD-R so probably won't be readable either.

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