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The Java release train is moving faster, but will developers be derailed?


This is a seriously misleading article, but then it's based on a talk by someone from Azul Systems rather than Oracle, and if this is an accurate summary he glossed over some significant detail. For a start, JavaFX isn't going away. It will be a separate package, which is still going to be developed and supported. The separation is in line with the Jigsaw related modularisation.

I can also find nothing official stating that Swing is for the chop either. In fact the only statements I can find on Oracle's site is that it will be supported for the "foreseeable future". And given how much many of Oracle's own tools depend on it this should not be a surprise. In Oracle's client roadmap they state Swing will be supported to at least 2026, with a tentative plan to split it out into separate package in a similar manner to JavaFX.

The CORBA stuff was always incomplete and essentially unusable, hence the need for a third party implementation like OmniORB or JacORB, so that's a pretty uncontroversial removal.

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