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Love it!

You've confirmed some of my deepest, darkest suspicions about what really happens when I grovel and beg for old data to come back.

Sometimes, though, it comes back on its own. Like my night of the living dead:

Supposedly in this one govt agency emails - once purged off the exchange server- are gone forever. Of course that's utter BS because if management wants to pop you for misconduct they can suddenly get not only what you've written, but even stuff you only dreamed of after a few stiff drinks. Mere mortals do not get their lost emails restored.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up outlook after a prolonged server outage and magically found my mail spool transported ten years into the past. Instead of my working set of spam, I was seeing one specific day in 2005 all over again.

Here's the part that keeps me awake: email on the top was in all caps, title screaming: "YOU ARE LATE FOR A MEETING!" Problem is the guy who sent it - one nasty piece of work - had died shortly after sending me that.

So where the hell is he, and am I late for a meeting upstairs or down?? Is the weather uncomfortably warm??? Speak, ghost of the server, speak!

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