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I don't know, you might be surprised if you actually ask 'the average Joe'. I spend a lot of time helping out colleagues with IT questions because frankly the IT department make such a song and dance about simple stuff that it's easier to ask me. Over the years, I'd estimate 30% of people I've asked have said something like "I don't have a problem with the new Windows" (sometimes 7, but mostly 8 or 10). 70% have said variations on "God, it's *terrible*! I hate [long list of things they hate about it]". These aren't techies, they are normal users just trying to get work done. They don't need any encouragement to complain. 100% of MacOS users have been satisfied. And no average Joe I've ever met uses Linux.

If the average Joes knew how to switch or if their IT department decided to give it a go, then provided the replacement OS addressed their issues with Windows and didn't introduce loads of other issues, it sounds like they'd be fine.

'Love it to bits' is just completely off the mark in my experience. It's only used because it is the monopoly in a system where cross-compatibility is more important than user experience. MS could install sewage smell generators as mandatory hardware for their next OS version and turn every 5th window upside down and 98% of people would still use Windows. They hug themselves and do high fives whenever they release new 'features' like the one being discussed which just make everything dumber and harder to use for more purposes. I think they really must fail to understand how low people's opinion is of them and their updates. Or they know and don't care because it's all about maximising revenue.

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