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Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'

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Anonymous Coward

"S" is for ???

Stagnant = No updates ever

Subscription-lapsed = The who forgot to pay the piper mode...

Stopping = With a counter that counts down the number of hours until you lose all access to your data that has been moved into the MS Cloud (for your safety and security naturally)

Synics Mode = Where your system goes when you complain too loudly about the costs of the subscription.

I am however assuming that Windows like Orifice will move to a subscription model very soon.

No matter. Whatever they do is far too late for me. I've moved everything to MacOS (laptop) and Linux(servers) now. They can piss into the wind as far as I'm concerned!

And they still owe me £6.78 that was in my Skype account when they deleted it!

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